Chef Robin in Columbia, SC

Chef Robin Rhea

It’s no secret that people are loving Slatherin’ Sauce all across the country in all kinds of recipes. Some people say we’re a barbecue sauce, and we’ve agreed to disagree on that point, because we’re an “everything” sauce made all that much better because of Chef Robin’s passion! It would be hard to measure how much of that is in every bottle.

In January when she appeared in Atlanta demonstrating her recipe for Slathered Shrimp atop Pimento Cheese Grits, Chef Robin wowed the audience. Many there were calling her the next Paula Deen or Rachael Ray. We agree. In this new video, it’s easy to tell that Chef Robin is a woman of conviction who is true to her farm-to-table local roots.

Wouldn’t you agree?


Get it at the Pig!

Piggly Wiggly-Selling Slatherin' SaucePiggly Wigglys in Charleston were the first to put Slatherin’ Sauce on the shelves. The “Harbor View Pig” has been one of our most loyal accounts.

Get Slatherin’ Sauce at Your Pig!

Now we’re delighted to report that Slatherin’ Sauce can be on the shelves of every Piggly Wiggly! How? Just by your asking for it!

Our distributor, Haddon House, now has Slatherin’ Sauce posted to the available inventory for any Piggly Wiggly…all you have to do is ask the store manager for Slatherin’ Sauce and all the manager has to do is order it from Haddon House.

How to Get Slatherin’ Sauce at your Pig

We’re asking you, our super, always wonderful, incredible fans and friends to start a campaign to request Slatherin’ Sauce at YOUR local Piggly Wiggly. Here’s how:

  1. Ask your Piggly Wiggly store manager to stock Slatherin’ Sauce.
  2. Share the love, go to the Piggly Wiggly Facebook page and “Like” them, and tell them you want Slatherin’ Sauce at your Pig.
  3. Then come to this blog post, and leave your name, the Store/Location you asked to stock Slatherin’ Sauce.

At the end of 30 days, we’ll draw from the fan names below and send a gift pack of Slatherin’ Sauce to the lucky winner!


Certified South Carolina Honey Now in Slatherin’ Sauce

South Carolina Honey Now in Slatherin' Sauce

Bell Honey

Ever noticed how wonderfully sticky and slightly sweet Slatherin’ Sauce is? Why? Because every bottle of Slatherin’ Sauce is approximately 25% honey. Slatherin’ Sauce is produced in small batches and that means we need 22 gallons of honey for each bottling run. That’s a lot of work from the bees! **Fun fact below

Since our launch we’ve been searching for a South Carolina honey producer who can supply enough honey for Slatherin’ Sauce to use in our production.

Certified SC GrownAnd we are pleased to say that our new honey provider is a Certified South Carolina provider, Bell Honey of Rembert, South Carolina.

Craig Bell is the Beekeeper of Bell Honey. According to Bell Honey, “His colonies have grown so that he now tends over a thousand honeybee colonies scattered all over South Carolina… Many are strategically placed to pollinate South Carolina fruits and vegetables, including blackberries, blueberries, watermelons, squash, cucumbers, and strawberries and of course to make plenty of honey.”

Bell Honey is shipped to us as raw honey! Meaning that it has not been processed by anything other than a bee.

Beginning this month (March 2011) you will be enjoying actual tastes of South Carolina sunshine transmuted by bees into honey.

Fun Fact!

Q–How many flowers must a Honeybee visit to make one pound of Honey?


One gallon of honey weighs approximately 12 pounds. So, 22 gallons x 12 lbs. = 264 lbs x 2,000,000 flowers = 528,000,000 flowers visited!

Want more fun facts about honey? Visit Bell Honey’s website.

Thankful and Humbled

Thank you all for coming out and supporting us yesterday at Taco Spot. I am truly amazed by the turnout and the responses we got about Slatherin’ Sauce…and always humbled!!!! Despite the fact that the weather was so dismal, we had a great response and I think everyone had a good time. Lindsey and Jason of The Taco Spot did a fantastic job with the food.

We’ll have some photos posted from the event up on our Facebook page in the coming days. So, be on the lookout for those and tag yourself and your friends.

I especially loved meeting Pastor Chris and his son Chris (below) whose church will be having a mega Easter Egg drop this Easter time. Pastor Chris said, “Awesome people/awesome product!” They invited Slatherin’ Sauce to be there for the drop and so we’ll be coordinating that with them in the coming months.

PastorChris and Chris at Slather Partay Taco Spot 2-5-2011

We also had the pleasure of meeting JasonCZ (his Twitter handle) who took a photo of himself in his shirt that we gave him. Jason has the most lovely family, who were with him on Saturday.

JasonCZ in his Slatherin Shirt

I also want to say a very special thank you to my team who helped make the day awesome. Here is my right-hand and VP of Sales, Cheryl Savage! Cheryl thought of so much to make this event special. I jokingly call myself, the Queen of Slather and Cheryl the Princess of Slather.

Cheryl Savage at Taco Spot

Thank you again for supporting our efforts and making Slatherin’ Sauce a recognized brand!

Chef Robin in Columbia, SC

The Gourmet Shop, Five Points Columbia SC

Chef Robin will be Slatherin It On and sharing samples of Original Slatherin’ Sauce and Spicy Slatherin’ Sauce at The Gourmet Shop on Five Points on Saturday, September 25 and 26.

Come on out and taste our Slatherin’ Sauces and learn why one Charleston Foodie said:

“That sauce is awesome. I ended up marinating a London broil in Original Slatherin’ Sauce, grilling it, then slathering it with more. It was divine.”

For our Facebook fans and our Twitter followers, come meet Chef Robin and tell her, “I learned about your appearance from Facebook,” or “I read about this on Twitter,” and you’ll get a Free sample mini Slatherin’ Sauce!

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