Certified South Carolina Honey Now in Slatherin’ Sauce


South Carolina Honey Now in Slatherin' Sauce

Bell Honey

Ever noticed how wonderfully sticky and slightly sweet Slatherin’ Sauce is? Why? Because every bottle of Slatherin’ Sauce is approximately 25% honey. Slatherin’ Sauce is produced in small batches and that means we need 22 gallons of honey for each bottling run. That’s a lot of work from the bees! **Fun fact below

Since our launch we’ve been searching for a South Carolina honey producer who can supply enough honey for Slatherin’ Sauce to use in our production.

Certified SC GrownAnd we are pleased to say that our new honey provider is a Certified South Carolina provider, Bell Honey of Rembert, South Carolina.

Craig Bell is the Beekeeper of Bell Honey. According to Bell Honey, “His colonies have grown so that he now tends over a thousand honeybee colonies scattered all over South Carolina… Many are strategically placed to pollinate South Carolina fruits and vegetables, including blackberries, blueberries, watermelons, squash, cucumbers, and strawberries and of course to make plenty of honey.”

Bell Honey is shipped to us as raw honey! Meaning that it has not been processed by anything other than a bee.

Beginning this month (March 2011) you will be enjoying actual tastes of South Carolina sunshine transmuted by bees into honey.

Fun Fact!

Q–How many flowers must a Honeybee visit to make one pound of Honey?


One gallon of honey weighs approximately 12 pounds. So, 22 gallons x 12 lbs. = 264 lbs x 2,000,000 flowers = 528,000,000 flowers visited!

Want more fun facts about honey? Visit Bell Honey’s website.

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