Robin Rhea on Making It Grow

Chef Robin Rhea

It’s no secret that people are loving Slatherin’ Sauce all across the country in all kinds of recipes. Some people say we’re a barbecue sauce, and we’ve agreed to disagree on that point, because we’re an “everything” sauce made all that much better because of Chef Robin’s passion! It would be hard to measure how much of that is in every bottle.

In January when she appeared in Atlanta demonstrating her recipe for Slathered Shrimp atop Pimento Cheese Grits, Chef Robin wowed the audience. Many there were calling her the next Paula Deen or Rachael Ray. We agree. In this new video, it’s easy to tell that Chef Robin is a woman of conviction who is true to her farm-to-table local roots.

Wouldn’t you agree?


WCBD TV 2 Story Includes Slather Brand

The Princess of Slather, Cheryl Savage is seen hard at work Slatherin’ It On at the Charleston Food and Wine Fest. Cheryl, you are so good at what you do! It goes by fast, but you’ll see Cheryl at the :56 second mark. If you’re out and about at the Festival today come on by and let us Slather It On for you!