Honored by The Red Thread

The Local Palate Features Slatherin’ Sauce

We’re pleased to be featured in the The Local Palate’s blog post. In case you haven’t heard of this delicious publication, the magazine is just over a year old. It is a wonderful compendium of articles, recipes, reviews, and insights into the food and beverages of our Southern region. You can count on the magazine to keep you informed of the best in culinary goodness emanating from The South.

The Local Palate’s Sydni Hebert writes,

Here at TLP, we have been taste testing bar-b-q sauces and think we may have found our favorite. Ever heard of Slather Brand Slatherin’ Sauce? If not, you need to get your hands on some ASAP!

We provided them with the recipe for our Original Slather Burger ®, our signature scrumptious hamburger, which Syndi thinks is just the ticket for Super Bowl eaters.  Read the entire blog post at The Local Palate, or get the recipe right here on our website.

Slatherin’ Sauce included in Gear Patrol’s “Roundup: 10 Off-the-Shelf Sauces and Marinades”


Gear Patrol Includes Slatherin’ Sauce

Well, pardon us while we puff our collective chests out in pride. Gear Patrol, in an article by Jeremy Berger has recommended Slatherin’ Sauce as one of their 10 selected “off-the-shelf” sauces. The digital publication states that they are,

…a modern take on the men’s magazine, blending the core advantages of the best print publications — high quality, visually forward design and an engaging mix of tailored editorial content. Staffed by a dedicated team of intelligent and irreverent writers, each inspired by their own lifelong passions and dispatched across the world, Gear Patrol provides a daily mix of insights and in-depth features on its core tenets of adventure, gear and design.

Gear Patrol is one of the most popular male oriented digital publications with many reading the pub for insights into a whole host of guy gear from watches to iPad sleeves to electric motorcycles. Gear Patrol writes about cool stuff guys want.

Being part of such a superior coterie gives us a sizzle, just like a good steak on the grill. Thanks gentlemen for including Slatherin’ Sauce in your roundup. We’re delighted to be part of such an esteemed ensemble.



Photos courtesy of Gear Patrol’s founder and photographer Eric Yang

Grilling with Rich Reviews Slatherin’ Sauce


Prominent barbecue blogger Richard Wachtel met us earlier this year at the Fancy Food Show in Washington, DC. We had a great time getting to know Rich and were delighted to share Slatherin’ Sauce with him to evaluate.

Since then we’ve been looking forward to reading Rich’s review of Slatherin’ Sauce. Now the wait is over! And Rich, we thank you because we are thrilled that you love Slatherin’ Sauce. Here’s a short part of what Rich writes about our sauce:

“Once we tasted the barbecue sauce, we wondered what was that perfect combination of sweetness and tangy barbecue flavoring? After taking a look at the ingredients we noticed that the ingredients included Pineapple and Honey. We thought to ourselves, what a interesting but great combination of flavors. One wouldn’t think to use those two flavors together but they surely do work together.”

We would add that Slatherin’ Sauce makes a great barbecue sauce, but why just limit it to that? When I created Slatherin’ Sauce, my vision for it was as a grilling and finishing sauce that can be used in multiple ways. Our fans have told us they love it for so many reasons and have shared their recipes.  Our retail sales locations are increasing every day and if you don’t find it on the shelves of your favorite Acme, Fresh Market or Whole Foods, or Kings; let the store manager that you want them to Slather It On and have them get in touch with us.

Thanks again to Rich for sharing the love of Slatherin’ Sauce with his fans and followers!

And the Silver Addy Goes to Slather Brand

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In 2010 when we were ready to have a design created for our sauces, we were fortunate to connect with Adam Lynch and Todd Turner, local graphic designers. Their award-winning design work graces our bottles and website. Now operating as Food Fight, the firm specializes in package design.

This is not the first recognition of the excellent work Todd and Adam did for us. They’ve had their work recognized in The Red Thread and in Berlin.

Todd notified us that they had submitted the Slather Brand Original Slatherin’ Sauce for consideration by Charleston’s Advertising Federation and then let us know that it had been selected for a prize. Off we went to the Charleston Rifle Club, not knowing what level award we were winning.

The incredible creative talents of Charleston’s designers were on show for all to see! The competition was intense, and Slather Brand won a Silver Addy in packaging.

Thanks to Adam and Todd for great creativity!

Honored by The Red Thread

The Red Thread by Dragon Rouge

The Original Slatherin’ Sauce’s creative packaging was recognized by The Red Thread, newsletter of Dragon Rouge, billed as “the leading privately owned brand consultancy in the world with global offices and cross-category expertise.”

Slatherin’ Sauce was singled out in the section of the newsletter labeled Trends.

“foundations — Slather Foods Slatherin’ Sauce

Slatherin’ Sauce’s vintage type is nostalgic while its tagline “the cure for boring food” reinvents tradition through a more contemporary lens, allowing consumers to shift from the complex reality of today towards a simpler time.”

Thank you Dragon Rouge for recognizing our roots.