And the Silver Addy Goes to Slather Brand

And the Silver Addy Goes to Slather Brand

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In 2010 when we were ready to have a design created for our sauces, we were fortunate to connect with Adam Lynch and Todd Turner, local graphic designers. Their award-winning design work graces our bottles and website. Now operating as Food Fight, the firm specializes in package design.

This is not the first recognition of the excellent work Todd and Adam did for us. They’ve had their work recognized in The Red Thread and in Berlin.

Todd notified us that they had submitted the Slather Brand Original Slatherin’ Sauce for consideration by Charleston’s Advertising Federation and then let us know that it had been selected for a prize. Off we went to the Charleston Rifle Club, not knowing what level award we were winning.

The incredible creative talents of Charleston’s designers were on show for all to see! The competition was intense, and Slather Brand won a Silver Addy in packaging.

Thanks to Adam and Todd for great creativity!