Memorial Day—More than Grilling and Swimming

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Joe Barbieri from Met Foods Says “Sizzle up your grill skills”

We were delighted by the endorsement Joe Barbieri gave to of Slatherin’ Sauce during his appearance on NY1. Joe is with Met Foods, a purveyor of groceries all across the greater Manhattan and New York City area.

Joe tells viewers how they can Slather ribs and other foods. He says,

“Anything could be marinated with the Slatherin’ Sauce. That’s a sauce that came from ‘Down South’ it’s only up here maybe a year or two. You can do anything with it because it’s a honey based sauce so it caramelizes nice.”

Joe, we just love how you said it’s a great sauce that came from “Down South”—especially when you say it with your New York accent.

Click on the image below to view the video and get some great gill tips and recipes for your summer.

NY 1 Joe Barbieri Met Foods Talking About Grilling

Memorial Day—More than Grilling and Swimming

Perhaps you are planning to share time with family, neighbors and friends this long weekend that is our annual turn into summertime activities. But, are you planning to take time to remember and recognize those for whom this holiday was established to honor?

The history of Memorial Day

This holiday is set aside to remember those who died in service of our country’s armed forces. It was originally called Declaration Day and there are many stories of how it got started. Following the Civil War (or the War Between the States), faithful families decorated the graves of soldiers. Both Confederate and Union solders’ graves were decorated in each area of the country with the first national Decoration Day happening in Arlington Cemetery on May 30, 1868. Charleston has a significant and interesting connection with the early recognition of war dead.

Following World War I and in response to the now famous poem, “In Flanders Fields”, Moina Michael, wrote a poem of response referencing the wearing of poppies to remember war dead.

When I was growing up, there was always a campaign by the VFW to sell poppies and use the funds to help veterans. I remember how everyone wore those paper poppies. I wish they were still sold and worn.

Perhaps this Memorial Day, you can wear a red ribbon to signify that you remember.

How will you and your family remember those whose lives ended in sacrifice and support of our country?

Please share with me what you will do.

Photo Credit: Child in poppy field, flickr user mollypop, red poppy in hands, VFW Buddy Poppy