Better School Lunches and Nutrition

Whole Foods Donates to Children’s Garden Project

Children's Garden Project Logo

There are so many wonderful projects that are teaching children about nutrition and food. Across the nation people are becoming aware of the great opportunity to teach children how to grow their own vegetables allowing they to gain passion for gardening.

In a recent article, “2011: The Year of the Vegetable; Children can learn to enjoy healthier foods if they grow them with their parents. It’s easier than you think.” By George Ball, comes his note, “We cannot expect children to make the right food choices when healthy foods are out of reach and nutrition-smart role models are not in evidence.”

That’s why we applaud the Children’s Garden Project in Charleston and Whole Foods Market who is donating 5% today, Jan. 11, 2011 to the organization.

5% Day at Whole Foods Market in Mt. Pleasant

The Charleston Area Children’s Garden Project has been selected by Whole Foods Market in Mt. Pleasant as a recipient of 5%-Day, Tuesday, January 11, 2011. 5% of net sales will be donated to the Garden Project.

This would be a great way for you to make a little donation to the Children’s Garden Project while stocking up on some good food. Whole Foods will donate 5% of the net sales on Tuesday to help support us. Overall for the day, that could add up to a nice donation from an unexpect place. The Children’s Garden Project is glad to have been selected by Whole Foods Market to be a recipient of their Community Giving Program.

Head on over to Whole Foods Market in Mt. Pleasant and stock up on some Slatherin’ Sauce or get the ingredients to make our famous Slather Burger or Slather Meatloaf for supper.

Better School Lunches and Nutrition

Slather Brand Foods supports Slow Food’s initiative to demand that schools serve nutritionally sound lunches to our nation’s children. Part of the reason we demand that our sauces be all natural, gluten free, contain no preservatives, additives or high-fructose corn syrup is to be safe for our families to enjoy.

I urge everyone who reads this blog and who cares like I do about what our children eat, to take action as suggested in this letter I received from Slow Food USA.

Dear Robin,

“It’s this opportunity or we lose it” – Rep George Miller, referring yesterday to the Child Nutrition Act.

Today 32 million children will line up in school cafeterias across the nation. Right now, underfunding means that the people filling our kids’ trays have no choice but to do it with food that will lead to one in three of those children contracting diabetes.

It’s time to serve our kids a better deal.

As Congress returns post-election, they’ll have an improved Child Nutrition Act sitting on their desk – one that gives more money for each meal, supports farm-to-table programs, and kicks junk food out of schools. Click here to tell them to pass it now:

The Child Nutrition Act Congress has before it is far from perfect, but it contains the first real increase to school lunch funding in the entire 44 year history of the legislation. That is an amazing achievement for all of us who’ve pushed this hard for so long.

But if we have any hope for getting real, nutritious food on school menus, we have to let Congress know that we want the Act passed now, not later, and we want the flaws in this bill – the funding taken from food stamps – fixed before the end of the year.

Your message could literally make the difference – and is the last chance for this Congress to deliver healthy lunch to our kids:

So far on this ‘Time For Lunch’ campaign, our community has sent over 100,000 emails, made countless phone calls to Congress, and 20,000 of us gathered for an ‘Eat-In’ all over the country.Now it’s time to seal the deal, and for Congress to deliver our children this historic legislation.

Thanks for making it Time For Lunch,
Jerusha, for the Slow Food USA Team

PS – Other than inflationary increases, Congress has never raised the level of funding for the food our children eat at school. Let’s make sure this Congress passes the historic Child Nutrition Act, and delivers America’s children the nutrition they deserve.