Slathered in D.C.-Viesturs Timrots Slathered Hot Dog Recipe

Slathered in D.C.-Viesturs Timrots Slathered Hot Dog Recipe

We’re lucky to have faithful and super loyal fans! Viesturs Timrots who lives in the greaterWashington,D.C.area has shared his love of Slatherin’ Sauce with us from time to time. We received this e-mailed note from Viesturs the other day and with his permission, we’re sharing it with you all.

“Hello again!

Well, when I ran out of your spicy recipe sauce, I was grudgingly set to drive an hour north of Baltimore to get some more. Then, a miracle happened…I was in a place called Rodman’s in Rockville, MD (they carry millions of different food and drink items from around the world at three locations) wandering the aisles looking for Christmas food gifts from Eastern Europe for my parents (canned fish of various varieties, jams, jellies, crackers and breads) when, while walking through the sauce and spices section, I saw a familiar blue label and a familiar red label! Holy moly…there was your regular sauce and your spicy recipe sauce begging me to buy it. And I did…only 20 minutes from my house. Sweet!”

“At one point in my ravings a while back, I had mentioned a hot dog recipe. I really haven’t been able to improve on it (but the dog I use is pretty much local to the DC / Baltimore area:

Viesturs Timrots’ Slathered Hot Dog

  1. Steak roll
  2. Spicy half-smoke sausage (also available non-spicy)
  3. Gulden’s Spicy Brown mustard
  4. Chopped onion
  5. Spicy Recipe Slatherin’ Sauce

Place sausage on roll; apply balance of ingredients to taste. (Of course, this combination or milder would work on any type of dog and roll variety, but this is my preference—spicy.)”

“By the way, the sauce is fabulous with my marinated and grilled London broil (and stiff competition to Pickapeppah original flavor sauce.)

Just thought I’d drop you and line and make a nuisance of myself. 🙂

Merry Christmas and a truly wonderful New Year to you and yours!”

Viesturs, we wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season as well! Thank you so much for your loyalty!