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Click to read SauceAuthority Review of Slatherin' SauceToo many times when you are looking for that perfect complement to your dinner, you are stuck with the same old hot or BBQ sauce that you have used and tasted a million times. It doesn’t even have to be the same brand, same style, same heat level. It can be a myriad of different sauces but chances are, if you are using the same category of sauce, you’ve had the same taste several times before with just a different label on it.

I host a website – – where I have tasted and posted a ton of hot sauce reviews and BBQ sauce reviews. Many of them are ‘under the radar’ sauces, not just the typical ones you see at every restaurant or grocery store. So I’ve been able to taste many different sauces throughout my reviews. There have been the mild sauces that you can hardly tell anything has been added to them. There have been the hot sauces that you wonder why anyone would even put themselves through the pain of eating them. And there have even been BBQ sauces you’ve tasted that you felt like you have had them time and time again, just switching the labels on the front.

Then I came across Slather Brand sauce – in particular the Original Recipe – and it literally changed my taste buds and my views towards sauces instantly. Like I said, I have had my fair share of sauces and have rated them from low to decently high, but all bets were off the first time I tried this sauce.

Let me explain. This isn’t labeled as a hot sauce or BBQ sauce so it doesn’t fit the cookie-cutter mold of a ‘standard’ sauce. However, who said all sauces had to be the same? This sauce stands out from the rest in a unique fashion. It has a slight bit of kick to it which lends it to fall under the hot sauce umbrella. Yet the sweet taste to it has your taste buds thinking it should be classified as a BBQ sauce.

So what gives? Truthfully, I am not 100 percent sure where to classify it. I tried it initially with a burger and was floored by how good it tasted. And then that led to me pretty much using it with everything. But when people are over at the house and I am using it, I still don’t know what to call it. However, once I try to explain it for a few seconds and then just tell them to try it, they get what I’m saying.

Slather Brand Foods obviously did their research in what makes a great sauce, and the combination they came up with is a tremendous idea. They hit the target on this one, and they took the chance of going outside the norm to make a sauce that you can utilize on pretty much anything you come across.

I have tested a ton of different sauces and few, VERY FEW, have received the accolades that the Original Recipe by Slather Brand Foods has garnered. So regardless of whether you think it should be a hot sauce or a BBQ sauce, one thing is for sure – don’t go another meal without it. Slather up anything you have, it is that good. No reason to be bias, I tell it how it is. That’s the truth, that’s my word. And I bet you follow suit when it comes to Slather.

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