Slatherin’ Sauce Featured on The Knack

the knack  Slather Brand Sauces   Keep the  Cue Going All Autumn Long
Blogger “Stephanie Dickison has been on the lookout for cool stuff since she was 12 and wore Sophia Loren-sized glasses and tried to rock an asymmetrical haircut (it didn’t work out, much like her romance with Adrian in the 7th grade, despite the ice skating date at Lawrence Park). Her blog “the knack debuted in August 2006. It’s a daily guide (including weekends!) to what’s new and hot.”

Stephanie has thousands following her and reading her recommendations on a regular basis. So when she reached out to us to review Slatherin’ Sauce, we were so excited. Her resulting review points out the great reasons to use Slatherin’ Sauce. And Stephanie, you are right, now that fall is here, you can use Slatherin’ Sauce for “something heartier.”

“Just because it’s cooling down doesn’t mean you can’t still barbeque and grill outside. But you’re going to need to kick it up a notch. After all, a summer full of delicate fish and grilled chicken for salads is fine when it’s hot out, but you’re going to want something a little heartier, a little more decadent than that.

That’s why I’m using Slather Brand Sauces.”

Way to go Stephanie! Thanks for your endorsement!

You can keep up with Stephanie on Facebook and on her blog.

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