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Tailgatin' comes before Charleston's own Citadel Bulldogs take the field. We think our pretty blue labels match the guys jerseys.

We’ve been delighted to receive a wonderful review from Gameday Goodness extolling the joined virtues of Holly Herrick, our fave cookbook author and recipe developer for Slather Brand Foods, and Slatherin’ Sauce.

“When I first think about game day, I of course conjure up visions of glory, where my team annihilates their competition, making play after fabulous play and never looking stupid. Aaaannd since THAT rarely happens, then my thoughts next turn to food.

Here in the south, I’d wager it’s a close race between which is more important – eating or football. The combination of the two is a hallowed institution called tailgating. And in case you weren’t sure before, now you know that tailgating is not a hobby in the South; it’s a religion. The best goodies come out on Gameday and the combo I’m about to share with you is a game changer in its own right.”

“And since I love food AND football, and since I especially love the combination of the two, I’m thinking the Holly and Slatherin’ team is the ticket to Total. Tailgate. Domination.

We really appreciate the awesome remarks she shares about Slatherin’ Sauce. Please go read the full post Gameday Gastronomy.

Photo credit: flickr user R C Photos


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