Slathered Burger Contest Winner

Slathered Q Burger

In October 2010 we held a Slathered Burger contest to see who could submit the tastiest burger recipes using Slatherin’ Sauce.

Our Winner, Dee Dee Arthur created this great version.

Slathered Q Burger

Slatherin’ Q Burger: Dee Dee Arthur **Burger Contest Winner

Hand patty some fresh ground chuck, salt and freshly ground pepper on both sides, grill to your likeness, top with a generous Slather ‘o sauce and some basil coleslaw..yum!

To make the slaw: thinly slice about 4 cups of green cabbage, mix with 3 T Hellman’s mayo, 1 T pickle juice or rice wine vineg…approximately, 2 T chopped fresh basil, salt and pepper.

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