Charles Robinson’s Gourmet Slathered Burger


Chef in training Charles Robinson participated in our Slathered Burger Competition and won recognition with this gourmet burger recipe that is worthy of an Iron Chef competition.

Slathered Sliders with Elderflower MushroomsCharles Robinson **Burger Contest Winner

4lb 80% lean ground chuck

6 peeled garlic cloves

1/2 C Spicy Slatherin’ Sauce

1 lb crimini or baby portobello mushrooms

2oz St. Germaine liqueur

Grate the garlic on a Microplane grater or crush with a garlic press. Add the garlic and Spicy Slatherin’ Sauce to the beef and mix well. Shape into small patties, about 2oz each. You should get about 30 sliders. Grill or pan sear to desired doneness. Top with a dollop of Spicy Slatherin’ Sauce and Elderflower Mushrooms (recipe below).

Remove the stems from the mushrooms and slice the caps thinly. Heat a 12″ sauté pan over medium-high heat and add enough olive oil to coat the bottom. Add the mushrooms and stir occasionally until the mushrooms have released all their liquid and it has evaporated, about 10 to 15 minutes. Add the St. Germaine. Stir the mushrooms around the pan and scrape up the glaze that’s on the bottom. Allow the liqueur to almost completely evaporate. Season with salt and pepper.

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