Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Season Premiere


I’m a Food Revolutionary! That’s right, I’m enlisted in Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution army.

Tomorrow, April 12, 2011, the new season premieres and Oliver is asking us all to have a Kum-by-ya moment of linking hearts, hands and minds in the changing of our children’s food and eating patterns. Click to view Jamie’s e-mail about how you can be a Revolutionary.

I want this to be a Call to Action Item. Slather Brand Foods supports this initiative 100%. I want all my Slather Family to get involved!!!!! How can you do that? I encourage our readers to host Tuesday night to “Slathered dinner” with family and friends as they gather around the TV to watch the season premier and discuss how you can make a change in your town, in the lives of the children in your neighborhood and in your family.

Click to Sign Oliver’s petition.


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