Holly Herrick develops new recipes

Author Holly Herrick

Author Holly HerrickSlather Brand Foods is pleased to say that we’ve partnered with a celebrated author and chef to develop a series of new recipes using Slatherin’ Sauces. Who is it? Why, Holly Herrick, that’s who!

Cookbook author and Chef Holly Herrick is a Cordon Bleu graduate and an intrepid foodie. Her knowledge of food has guided many to new horizons. Her cookbooks,

The Charleston Chef's Table - Extraordinary Recipes from the Heart of the Old South

Tart Love - Sassy, Savory, Sweet and Southern

are widely respected as touchstones for innovative ideas mixing classical abilities, local knowledge and regional flavors.

In the coming months, we’ll be sharing Holly’s inspirations for Slatherin’ Sauce. Her first recipe for us debuts in our recipe section. It’s her take (using Slatherin’ Sauce) on everybody’s favorite snack, chicken wings. Holly’s “Super Slathered Sweet ‘n Hot Pepper Wings” recipe will deliver wonderful flavors and delight!

Holly said about her preparation, “I browned, braised and broiled. Reduced the braising liquid to a virtual glaze and folded it into the sour cream. It is sweet, so I used the hot version and added some onion and poblano in the sauté, after the browning…also some white wine and later, lime juice. I’m very pleased with them.”

Holly, we’re so pleased to be working with you!

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