What is Barbecue to you? Noun or verb?

Skewers on the grill ready to be Slathered

Skewers on the grill ready to be Slathered

With warm weather arriving now in many parts of the country, our thoughts turn to outdoor entertaining and cooking, or as many people call it barbecuing.

Now, I’ll be the first to say that you can call it what you like, but here in the South (the Southern U.S.A. that is) the term barbecue is a noun, not a verb. And as many of you know, the topic of barbecue can turn friends into enemies, or bring enemies together. Don’t believe me? The BBQ Song says it all.

There have been many books written about barbecue (the noun): how to prepare it, whether beef, pork or chicken is better, what type of sauce you use…and on and on.

When I was in England last month, many people talked about barbecuing…and they weren’t talking about slow cooking pork in a pit. What they were talking about was cooking over open heat, out of doors. So, today I want to hear from you how you barbecue (the verb) meaning cook out of doors.

I enjoy cooking on the grill and enjoying my outdoor deck with my family. What do I like to put on the grill? Slather Burgers®. Although sometimes I confess that I prefer vegetable skewers on the grill, with a bit of Slatherin’ Sauce brushed on them at the end of cooking. My other “go-tos” are locally made sausages or quail. All of which get Slathered!

What I want to learn is how you barbecue? What do you cook? Do you grill-out on week-nights or only on weekends? Who is the grill chef in your household?

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