Welcome 2011 and Happy New Year

Robin Rhea, Founder of Slather Brand Foods

Robin Rhea, Founder of Slather Brand Foods

At the close of the year we draw close to family and friends. To good times sharing memories and enjoying meals together in our homes. To laughter, tears and delight in our connections.

When I envisioned Slather Brand Foods, I hoped that my Momma’s recipe, which is the basis for Slatherin’ Sauce, would be enjoyed by everyone. Since May 2010 you have demonstrated your support and encouraged me through your Facebook messages, by turning out at events where we are sharing Slatherin’ Sauce and by purchasing our sauces, giving them to your friends and telling others about what we are doing.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me make my dreams come true, for helping me create a product that you delight in and which I hope will be part of your family’s life of celebration; through cooking and preparing food!

In the New Year, we will have a national distributor, greater visibility on national grocer’s shelves and hopefully, if our research goes as we hope, next year we’ll have new versions of Slatherin’ Sauce to share with you all!

Happy New Year!

Robin Rhea

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