Slatherin’ Sauce Available in the United Kingdom

Weight Watchers Features Slatherin’ Sauce in Holiday Gift Guide

We were delighted to learn that Slatherin’ Sauce is featured in “Weight Watchers 2012 Men’s Holiday Gift Guide, Gifts to help a man slim down, look great and live well.”  Weight Watchers’ staff introduced the product to their readers with the note, “The name alone invokes mouth-watering visions of smoky pit-barbecue chicken, ribs and steaks.”

We’re reproduced a part of the guide below and encourage you to view all the wonderful gifts selected for men by clicking the picture or the gift guide link in the preceding paragraph.


Slatherin’ Sauce Available in the United Kingdom

WishBoxUSA has launched in the UK. Both Original and Spicy varieties of Slatherin’ Sauce are offered through the online store. From our product demos there a couple of years ago, we know that our UK friends love the flavors of Slatherin’ Sauce and will soon be joining all our other fans in urging everyone to “Slather It On.”

To visit WishBoxUSA, click the image below.

Slatherin Sauce sold online in UK at WishBoxUSA